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We are glad to present you a new offer of our office – helping in the purchase of properties in the Tricity. In accordance with our motto, we are constantly developing and adapting the services provided to the needs of our clients, which is why we go beyond the Silesian market. This location is not accidental - the founder of MIASTORAMA comes from Gdańsk, and, although she currently works and lives in Tarnowskie Góry, she still has a great sentiment to the Tricity.

This Pomeranian metropolis combines the features of a seaside resort with a growing business center, and more and more foreign investors are interested in this area. It is also a place where people from all over the country come to study or to settle down. In the summer season and on the occasion of numerous cultural events, tourists appear in the Tricity, which is why it is a lively center throughout the year, located in the picturesque scenery of the sea and Kashubia. It's hard to imagine a better place to invest in rental properties.

Knowledge of the local market and extensive base of offers allows professional advice in this area, in particular the choice of property in terms of the group of potential clients to whom we want to rent them. As part of cooperation with us, you have the option of investing in an attractive, fast-growing agglomeration. At the same time, you can get a place where you will enjoy your vacation. Our help does not end with finding an offer and conducting a transaction. While looking for a tenant we will make every effort to ensure that the purchased apartment will earn money for itself.

During our cooperation, we guarantee our clients without additional fees:

1Finding a property offer
Compliant with the expectations and requirements presented by the Investor.

2Presentation of offers
This is done remotely to save customers additional trips to the Tricity. From the presented offers, client chooses the ones that suit him best.

3Property survey
Together with a client we visit the properties selected during presentation. We do it at a convenient time for him. Pre-selection saves time and speeds up purchase process.

4Realisation of transaction
After the client grant us power of attorney we can act on his behalf by the notary, offices and authorities, so the client doesn’t have to personally take part in all that process. Thanks to that client can save his time and money, cause he doesn't have to plan additional journeys.

5Finding the tenant
As we have access to a wide range of clients in Tricity, after purchasing the property we take action to find suitable tenant.

6Lease service
Due to the big distance between Silesia and Tricity, for your convenience and safety, you can use are services at further stage. Once the time of lease agreement will expire, we will help yo to create new offer, publish it on most popular websites and find new tenant, all based on the highest quality of services.

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