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Financing of the property purchase means going through a tedious process of bank procedures and never-ending formalities, especially if the purchase is supported by a mortgage. In addition, there are many banks on the market, that outdo themselves in promoting their products, and agreements proposed by them are not understandable for layman, so it’s possible to unknowingly agree for unfavourable credit conditions.

In the provision of complex transaction service, we are offering you help in solving that problem. Thanks to cooperation with financial and insurance adviser we can help you, free of charge, in choosing the most optimal financial system free. With our help you can also check your creditworthiness.

Thanks to years of experience on the market we were able to gain trust and acquire contractors among specialists in financial and bank area. We strive for our services to be on highest level, and cooperation with others stand us out.

Our specialists have wide, multi-years knowledge in area of bank products available on market, and they are still supplement it, being aware of how dynamic the market is. Thanks to that they are able to select for you only the best, noteworthy credit or insurance offers, which meet individual expectations and possibilities.

In the provision of complex transaction service by estate agency MIASTORAMA our clients can take advantage of:

  • Consulting in the area of property purchase
  • Consulting in the area of transaction insurance
  • Consulting in the area of property insurance
  • Advise in choosing the most favourable credit offer
  • Help in negotiating conditions of agreement with bank.

All of the services above are provided under intermediation agreement and without additional charge.

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