All of the legal and technical actions connected with properties undergo complicated procedures described in various legal acts. Carrying out the transaction in proper way and minimising possible risks at the same time is possible only if it is done by people who has wide knowledge or in cooperation with experienced team of specialists.

Credibility and correctness of transactions and offer prices is guaranteed by carrying out the PROPERTY VALUATION. Experience in making a valuation report, as well as starting to obtain competences of a valuer by the owner of the company is helping to verify on the early stage, if offered price of property is possible to get. We know that prices, which occur in internet ads very often are not adequate to a price that can be obtained, and few percent difference in this area sometimes can be a quite big amount.

MIASTORAMA team thanks for working on market for few years has contacts among best specialists from various field, that are important for real estates. Process of purchasing the property is very complex, and during it we find out that some issues needs a lot of additional time and money to be solved.

To face such problems, we offer you solution that is innovative on the market, namely possibility of cooperation on every stage of transaction with specialist like:


Provides safety, especially when it comes to legal status of the property and preparing necessary documentation for transaction. Within the cooperation of MIASTORAMA and law firm, experts in property law, you can also get help in issues like:

  • Determine if the files in Land and mortgage register are the same as actual status
  • Succession, acquisition and division of inheritance, of which property is part of
  • Advise in process of investment, analysis and help in creating the agreements
  • Advise in are of building law, analysis and help in creating the construction works agreements.


Financing of investment is a long and bureaucratic process, and lack of knowledge or negligence of formalities may result in extending the time for credit decision or preclude receiving credit at all. To get through that process safely and find yourself in the maze of credit offers, forms and documents MIASTORAMA offers you cooperation with insurance agent and financial advisor, who can help you in:

  • Check your credibility
  • Help in finding the optimal way to finance the investment
  • Advise in area of insurance of property and transaction.


We cooperate with a company who has great experience, gained during years of work on the market. Cooperation with expert may be invaluable on every step of transaction. Architect’s help and advice include:

  • Help in choosing best plot of land according to investment plans of client
  • Visualisation of concept projects
  • Assessment of technical status / technical expertise of property
  • Advise, assessment of property in terms of suitability for function planned by investor, arrangement f project according to health department and fire protection
  • Advise during property inspection in terms of interior design, possibilities of applying specific solution.


All of the legal procedures concerning property need to be sign in form of notary act for being valid. Its correct preparation is incredibly important, because it may cause many formal-law effects, so safety of the part is the most important. Within the cooperation with notary we can offer favourable prices for signing the agreement and preparing documents and at the same time ensure safe and efficient carry out of transaction.


Cooperation with those experts is necessary when we have to determine size of the plot, its borders or division of property.


Geologist’s expertise is necessary for every type of new investment (construction).


Experts needed on various stages of investment and construction process, who, with help of architect, will help to realise plan of dreamed house.


Their positive expertise has impact on time needed to put the place into service. Due to that it’s better to verify the property legal and technical status with regard to current sanitary and fire protection provisions before purchase.


Help in terms of energetic audits or energy performance, that influence among other things putting place into service. With our help you can speed up that process and enjoy own house or service unit.

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