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MIASTORAMA is a professional estate agency in Tricity and Silesia.

Why MIASTORAMA? The name was created by combination of two polish words – miasto, which in Polish means city, and panorama. It symbolizes in the best way our work – a wide range of offers in different locations. Our company has right now three branches – the main one in Tarnowskie Góry, another in Katowice and third one in Gdańsk. Thanks to that we are able to offer real estates from south of Poland - Silesia district and area close to the mountains, as well as from north - whole Pomeranian district. We have in our offer houses, apartments, plots of land and commercial space for everybody. We are helping in selling, buying and renting properties.

The most important for us are our clients and their satisfaction, that’s why we are treating each of them in individual way and doing our best to keep up to their expectations. Our client can count on us on every step of transaction, because our agency cooperates with many other specialists, like architects, lawyers and financial advisers. We are still learning new skills, taking part in training courses and conferences. Our agency is member of BCK - Bielsko-Częstochowsko-Katowickie Stowarzyszenie Pośredników w Obrocie Nieruchomościami - organization of estate agents, we have necessary Liability Insurance, and most of our agents have license.

Development and keeping up to the latest technologies are also important issues for us. While working on offer for sale or rent we are providing: panoramic pictures 360°, videos from drone, pictures from camera with wide angle lens, home staging. We are also active in social media.

Our aim is to help our clients to find what they are looking for. Our office in Gdańsk provides sea of possibilities, while branches in Silesia – mines full of offers.

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biuro nieruchomości tarnowskie góry

Ewelina Pindur

Already during my studies, I made the decision that I will work as estate agent. I knew that it will be direction in life that will give me satisfaction and fulfilment. I’m very stubborn and have strong will to achieve my goals. Both things - creating my own brand, as well as daily work, require from me a lot of involvement and determination. I have to admit, that it was a perfect choice. I appreciate contact with clients, I like the moment when I can help them in making a decision, and also doing all the work connected with selling or buying a real estate. This work makes me feel that others need me. With my experience and persistence, I can face difficult problems or situations.

I dedicate each day to work, bringing new solutions and ideas to create strong brand.

And if I find a little time for myself, I usually spend it active. Day by day I’m learning humility and determination by creating strong body silhouette during intense workout.

biuro nieruchomości tarnowskie góry

Kinga Baranowicz
Office assistant

MIASTORAMA gives me an opportunity to work in a team of professionals and prove myself on different career level than before, because I graduated in pedagogy. Working as an assistant requires from me supporting everyday activities and running the office. I have always been conscientious and responsible. I think that this time those characteristics are helping me to carry out all the tasks thoroughly and with satisfaction.

After work I love to spend time with my family and friends. Those are the moments in life that relax me, and give me energy for new challenges.

OUR TEAM: Branch in Tarnowskie Góry - Silesia

agent nieruchomości tarnowskie góry

Żaneta Panek
Real estate advisor

Real estate agent is a person whose task is to make life easier – both for seller and buyer.

I'm organised, creative and communicative person, determined to pursue my goals. I always maintain positive relationship with clients, although there are moments when my work is difficult and exacting.

I like to improve my skills, so that clients can be sure that they are working with professional. Thanks to this work I know what I’m living for. It gives me a huge satisfaction. And opinions given by my clients add me wings.

What are my interests? I really enjoy reading books. In addition, I’m interested in researches about people suffering from cancer illness, that are carried out to find the proper remedy to prevent formation of new cancer cells. I’m also interested in broaden my knowledge about dealing with clients.

agent nieruchomości tarnowskie góry

Wiktoria Jarzowy

agent nieruchomości tarnowskie góry

Volodymyr Nahirniak
Real estate advisor

OUR TEAM: Branch in Katowice - Silesia

agent nieruchomości katowice

Michał Gorczyca
Real estate advisor

Before I begin my work as a real estate advisor, for several years I was a manager in the joinery industry. I was also involved in insurance and the e-commerce market. All this, despite the fact that I was studying history.

Why real estate? Because I love working with people and for people. A smile on the face of a satisfied customer gives me great satisfaction. The moment when we finalize the transaction and the new owner receives the keys to the house or apartment, is a beautiful reward for hard and sometimes very difficult work. Each client, each property, is a new and fantastic adventure for me.

Almost always smiling, optimistic about the world, curious about new challenges. I spend my free time with family, I like good books. I am also passionate about football.

I am looking forward to cooperate with you!

agent nieruchomości katowice

Renata Machowska
Real estate advisor

agent nieruchomości katowice

Arkadiusz Kremser
Real estate advisor

OUR TEAM: Branch in Gdańsk - Tricity

biuro nieruchomości trójmiasto

Agnieszka Wężowska
Office manager and real estate agent

I’m really happy that I can co-create and build MIASTORAMA brand from the beginning. Leading the branch in Gdańsk is a big challenge for me, but at the same time unlimited source of development. This work gives me above all independence and possibility to decide about my actions – which I value the most in life. My education and past experience with a foreign client help me to provide complex service also for people from abroad.

I can fully use my strongest characteristics – diligence, self-discipline, perfectionism and optimism, and at the same time get satisfaction that my work brings good results.

I like to spend my free time active and on travelling. I love getting to know new places, cultures and people. I think that every place has its own climate, worth to discover. Working as a real estate agent has a lot in common with travelling – every day I have an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, solve new problems and enjoy little and big successes.

biuro nieruchomości gdańsk

Jolanta Piasecka
Real estate advisor

Experience in selling properties has taught me a lot of humility and determination in my life. Thanks to my work, I am confident and always striving to achieve my goals. I had run my own business for 20 years, so I know perfectly how important is empathy and professional service. I know that clients pay attention to many issues before working with estate agent. My clients value in me loyalty and commitment.

In everyday life and at work I achieve my goals, even if I have to put a lot of commitment into it. The harder it is, the greater the satisfaction. Miastorama gives me a lot of opportunities to work with clients at the highest level.

In my free time I like to travel and I am a big fan of yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

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